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Step by step with security and real criterion

Overcome the old ratios of excellence in operations, TQM, Formal quality and standardized by a new bet you add, our live business processes, systems that guarantee results in quality, with new quality requirements.

Business around the world and in a wide range of sectors are striving to emulate speed, dynamism and the orientation to the customer of the digital music players, changing their traditional organization to an “agile” model “agile production” “methods and processes flexible” and “fast automatic controls” proven in companies like Google, Netflix, Spotify, ING.

Think of a journey that you must begin, a new destination, but 100% safe. On his journey of transformation, in incremental and does not end, it may not do so.
The transformation is not only moving your organization from A to B, because once you play B, you need to move to C, and when you get to C, you should probably start thinking about D.

During his travels, observe the behavior people of the place, however, the behavior of these clients was changing rapidly in response to new digital distribution channels, and the expectations of the clients were being molded by leading digital in other industries, not just yours.

The more rigid element of our structures and which is responsible for more than 90% of the inefficiencies, delays, quality failures and on costs is undoubtedly the processes…

MI provides a methodology and technology of flexible processes that occupy the Core of productive transformation. You give the flexibility of action of our processes, we create agility and it’s flexibility and the ability of an organization to adapt quickly and move in a new direction. It is also minimize transfers and bureaucracy, and empower collaborators, employees and customers. The goal is to create relationships, stronger and more complete professionals.

Be agile is not only changing the it Department or any other function by itself. The key has been to adhere to “the principle of end-to-end” processes with the ability to change and work in multidisciplinary, which comprise a combination of specialists in marketing, product specialists and equipment business, designers of the user experience, data analysts and engineers of TI, all focused on solving the customer’s needs and United by a common definition of success.

This type of process technology, help quick and consolidated transformation gone through 5 concrete stages of optimization, if we think of the company as a living entity with the ability to think:

1 Think Lean; 2 Think Limits; 3 Think Profit; 4 Think Holistic; 5 Think 360º

To get to preview the emerging demand, the impact on sales, inventories and demand falls unplanned, by a system of agile and excellent response.

  • The technology and machinery automation generate GDP growth 85%
  • Reduction of costs associated 30 to 50%
  • Reduce your inventory in 20%
  • Improve the productivity of its planners 20 to 30%