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Live in a sea of data and information, actions of competitors, movements of the markets, risk investment, internationalisation, is always a common practice and in alta. We have market, competitive intelligence, intelligence departments, but especially in services, we neglect the surveillance technology and the allies that provide us, a competitive advantage of tangential evolution.

At this service, we provide greater visibility worldwide, legal, regulatory, competitive, patents, advances in the competition in technology, competitive benchmarking, and disruptions of social networks.

We can assert by our customers, that there are problems in the practice of science and advanced research, especially in companies that are not kept abreast of the latest advances in science and technology (S&T) are more likely to lose opportunities that companies that maintain surveillance on the technical environment in constant change.

MI, got underway, as a result of the lack of budget and specialized media, a service of technical intelligence for companies around the world.

The global trend, returns to forcefully retake high value VT-TV (C&T) with formal programs of technical intelligence services to collect, analyse and use scientific and technological information to observe their competitors, track trends emerging in the technological development and anticipate significant changes based on the technology in key markets. The expert management of the technical information that affects a business can have a vital influence on corporate profitability and sustainability in the medium term.

With the support of advisors for the discovery of programs and opportunities in Innovation – European Network – emerging – markets R & D+ I – disruptions of niche, ongoing research, provide a quick and efficient direction to their real needs of strategic knowledge, as well as the trends that marked the sector in the medium term.


MI prepares for its clients

Plans strategic, business models, leaves route and transformation of business plans for growth and expansion, diversification strategies, systems, Strategies of investment, Cash Flow, technological risk analysis

Internal audits of positioning and location to regulatory risk,compliance, etc.