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The continuous transformation of information and its value chain, generates tension in the business. We propose a vision and development of synergistic software, a transformation of blocks with the results of the customer experience and internal dynamics, to generate high-value responses, provide mechanisms for less friction of the business and results sustainable. It is a transformer, reusable, knowledge which allows us to design and implement digital and synthetic solutions by highly experienced multi-sectoral teams.

Do not grow at the same rate back-end information systems and systems front-end, so much so, that the demands of all the processes and sub-processes of information exceed the levels of availability of systems, require investment and increases the its management complexity. The axis of the simplification lies always in one universal element, information of real value, which is not the primary focus, but the accumulation of data and its massive and analytical treatment. While this is essential, we must build on the primary pillar of the competitive information or we can not address the following steps with the fluidity needed.


Digital Transformation failed in Spain

Mentor Impulsa


We got the company to exploit their potential before the digital revolution.


Thanks to this approach to get a flow digital company-wide is an achievement reached.

  • Company´s insights 30% 30%
  • Mentor Impulsa resources 70% 70%