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Business in Accion

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Investment Solutions

In a real Company

We provide investment solutions when we have generated innovation of product and high quality service. We create products and services word class and come from the sources of funds that invest in them, thus creating a network of financing and production to compete internationally.

There are companies who only seek funding because they are reaching the end of its life cycle and do not see that there are other alternatives. There are companies that do not change the business model and do not understand why they have lost customers. There are companies with a healthy Treasury are not how reinvestment for a growing internal instead of betting on foreign investment. The answers come from the hand of a clear and effective roadmap.

Financial Mentor

In a real Company

It is easier, cheaper, more versatile, the support of MI, which give access to public and private financing sources. Also, to award-winning investment products, without risk. All this range of solutions will make available mechanisms more adjusted to their reality.

There is a clear bias towards the startup´s of a technological nature, not given the demand for startup´s with other perfectly viable business models that can miss the opportunity offered by the market due to lack of funding.

Capital Injection

In a real Company

If your problem is not in a production in good condition, a loyal portfolio of customers and markets goal already fulfilled, perhaps is an ambitious project, an operational restructuring and strategic repositioning or the entry of new lines of business, where it is possible to find sources and national and international funding mechanisms, relying on a specific and reliable driver like MI.

The fan important and large actors, different types of investment and foreign capital, seeking good projects and companies in which to invest. They contribute in varying degrees, the injection of capital needed for your project. This will change the company, more controls will be made, the objectives of benefit be increased and this is a major handicap for the Corporation. Having an ally who will protect you and at the same time, support for the success of your projects is not easy.

Public & Private Finance

In a real Company

We live in a very dynamic economy that requires sources of funding for the different phases of the business or entrepreneurial activity. MI recognizes the importance of having the financial resources without endangering any business plan in execution. We avoid precipitation and bad advice. Each company requires a strategy of funding according to many factors in play.

The financial Department of a company does not belong to the value chain and we know that no company do without a financial plan, determined necessary, public investment or venture capital, recognizing the benefits and costs of each solution financial. There are enough actors, private and public to facilitate the necessary advantage.


In a real Company

A very important source of funding for the European Union for companies and startup´s so that they can introduce on the market new products or services. It consists of three phases and is necessary to form a consortium with other actors to access European public money.

H2020 is a very suggestive environment for European companies in certain sectors. European universities are also involved in various projects. H2020 is a network business, technological and knowledge that provides a unique opportunity to the inventor or entrepreneur European.

Only the best oportunities and stands can provide the correct solutions for your organization. Always we give the best performance. Ricardo Oscar Torralbo Roldán

Deputy Executive general director , Mentor Impulsa R&D