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Is Disruption and Innovation Keys. We help SMB´s organizations design and implement major change programs that improve performance, build capabilities, and strengthen behavior over time. The ability to drive transformational change—such as moving from good to great performance, cutting costs, or turning around a crisis—is a key source of competitive advantage. Yet despite the 25,000 books published on the topic and Google references.

This approach helps leaders shape a change vision and set targets that are tightly linked to business outcomes; diagnose the organization’s ability to meet those targets; and deliver improvement initiatives that strengthen performance, build capabilities, and change organizational mind-sets and behaviors.

As a key aspect of creating transformational change, we work with clients to design and implement interventions to build skills, shift mind-sets, develop leaders, and manage talent to ensure a successful and sustainable change in behaviors. We help leaders make the transformation personal, IT, processes, customer centric, role-model the change, openly engage others, and spotlight successes. We also help build commitment and alignment within the senior team.

A diagnostic in a big client,  confirmed that many of the performance issues were rooted in a one-size-fits-all product-development process and the team’s fragmented interactions during product functional design. These were in turn exacerbated by misaligned objectives and misunderstandings with the outsourced software factory as well as the team leader acting more as an expert rather than a people manager. In fact, the processes and tools used by IT teams were found to slow issue resolution and fragment teamwork, all of which contributed to lower productivity and longer time to market.

The problem need new capabilities: increasing process efficiency, enhancing performance management, ensuring back-up on critical functions and roles by offering broad organization and multi-skills capability development, creating innovation during transformation process and realing operations.

Although the transformation is ongoing, the company saw several key performance indicators improve significantly within the first year. Among the most impressive.

  • The total rate of defects was reduced 50%
  • Troubleshooting time fell 75%
  • Improved productivity of the it group 40%
  • Increasing the efficiency 25%
  • Improved the percentage of projects delivered on time 15%
  • Production chain experiment an acceleration 23%


Reduced time to market of products