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We believe that you bet on the customer

We do not insistently repeat that technology is the panacea that solves its problems. Rather than resorting to the help of technological innovation,
a retail business needs to be aware that advancing the Omnichannel is today a demand of new consumers. All the resources and potential of the company are mobilized.

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Undertake in solitary project of Omnichannel to bet on failure. It’s one of the most important decisions for a retail business. It should not be precipitated or postponed from a collaboration with Mentor Impulsa.

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Achieving the goals in a Omnichannel project is hard teamwork.
Mentor Impulsa provides the professional profiles needed to create the strategic plan and action your company needs.

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Without obstacles

Negative statistics on Omnichannel projects should not be a
obstacle for professionals who are convinced of the benefits of an advanced degree of omnichannel.

Our Story

Our respective careers have led us to founding Mentor Impulsa. Knowledge and values, professional and personal experiences that enrich the culture of our Organization. We rely on a dynamic, integrative climate that promotes overall improvement in our performance.

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Fresh Ideas

The impression of the changes is evident in the culture of the immediate. The consumer chooses his best option because he is equally pressured by the market offer.
The indisputable boom of the smartphone reinforces the new habits of the consumer. Do not conform to your operating statistics of your retail business.

Great Opportunity

The omnichannel is an opportunity for your company to carry out the operational transformation it needs and should not postpone. Mentor Impulsa knows the intricacies of the retail business. Waiting for a new generation of managers makes it difficult to make decisions today.

Consumer behavior

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The retail business typology determines the consumer’s response. It’s undeniable. Proximity marketing must be successful with the dominant behavior among its clients. It’s not a matter of luck.

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LET´S CLOSE THE agreement

The collaboration between your company and Mentor Impulsa professional effort and knowledge that will lead us to success.

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