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Product Design

In a real Company

Mentor Impulsa have the capacity, experience, professionals
and persons relevant to all areas of production to accompany you in the process of renewal of its product range, injecting
innovation and transformation according to your target
audience get products really demanded a better assessment and success of the sales line. Innovate in their current markets and reach new markets for the growthof your business. The competitive difference is a strategy of
growing sum that always requires support of news cientific and technological inputs.

Higher myopia of many companies is currently not combine in narrow synergies, nuclear capabilities, endogenous, exogenous capabilities. It is not known to fully extract knowledge of an organization to create innovation, interactions between differents fields of knowledge and support of external forces that can provide a complementary but strongly renewed vision. The company must be reoriented towards search for opportunities, creativity a innovation differential at all points of contact with the costumer.

Innovation Rupture

In a real Company

Create radical innovations and ground-breaking is complex to do not have the means or time enoug that will make it possible. With an actor as Mentor Impulsa we bring global knowledge for local solutions, global teams for needs ad hoc ans answers to you questions more necesary by sectoral experts

Without an investigation prior to a heterogeneous embodiment worldwide, systemic and multidimensional we launch the driving forces of convergence really innovative. We create disruption.

Patent Innovation

In a real Company

One of the most important assets that a company has are patents. Developing this unique advantage in a highly competitive context requires the participation of an expert team that provides management, processing and constant monitoring of patents and opportunities arising for the sale of this asset.

Patents provide the company room for manoeuvre for protection and exclusive production. Patents are increasingly the most sought-after book value. You have patent makes it possible to find solutions to the production start-up and minimizes the risk of espionage and copies.

Only the best oportunities and stands can provide the correct solutions for your organization. Always we give the best performance. Ricardo Oscar Torralbo Roldán

Deputy Executive general director , Mentor Impulsa R&D