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The fourth industrial and service revolution is now happening, technological, regulatory, environmental and competitive changes, as well as the needs of customers…

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Rethink Transformation Operations

All over the world, major companies have begun transformation processes to connect them to the challenging new digital…

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Beyond Customer Experience

The customer experience X and journey X
is the full value proposition offered to the customer…

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Reinvent Human Capital

Take advantage of hidden talent opportunities and knowledge in your organization…

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Better Way to Digital Transformation

What is a digital transformation? It seems like a simple question but as each organization…

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Strategic Customer Marketing Plan

Develop competitive advantages, new business models and expand the portfolio of products and services…

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IAAnalytics for Success

Meanwhile, metrics at the moment can be a mirage: a company that tracks and keeps its performance…

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Omnichannel Marketing

We do not insistently repeat that technology is the panacea that solves its problems. Rather than resorting to the help…

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Decisions Under Uncertainty

In order to shape a winning strategy, it is essential not to fracture operations, but to create a multisegment strategy… 

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Flexible Process Automation

The design of new products and services, as well as the conditioning of the services in production, to realign them productively…

Personalized Solutions

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Leadership Development

Our models and training methodologies work intrinsically with the problems and needs of the company to respond agilely and implement solutions, from the first day.

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Learn by Doing

The best approximation is a interweaving between the faculty and the students to achieve in their departmental dynamics with their own data, changes and excellent answers.

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