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Is The Value Being Lost

New alternatives to retrieve the value 

Save your Business

In a real Company

Looking for our help, don’t let your business ends up in the halls of economic (courts) and stops losing a fantastic value. If you are a company, a business, which is in difficulties, but is still running can count on our support and work together on finding solutions and elements of viability.

 Anywhere in Europe, the medium and small business does not have the public mechanisms for the preservation of employment and business. Simply bring us closer to the courts are where settled debts and credit defaults of companies to check the number of good companies that are lost on a daily basis, and with them thousands of jobs.

Only the best oportunities and stands can provide the correct solutions for your organization. Always we give the best performance.

Ricardo Oscar Torralbo Roldán

Deputy Executive general director, Mentor Impulsa R&D