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A good idea is not enough to take the next step and translate it into a brand. The Startup initially are inefficient and mono product or idea, where converge its efforts and capabilities. Startup´s reaching the goal are those that have done their homework and have managed to equip the enterprise content essential to make the leap and become a successful company. Others, by contrast, are based on an idea that does not know how to exploit. These are the most where these ideas not just to see the light. And if a startup contase with all the support needed to turn the embryo into a success?

Certainly there is no limit of age or social status that limit human creativity, only limits it the lack of support, lack of mentoring and the lack of support. Other times are shortcomings professionals, lack of technical and regulatory knowledge which limit their explosion. Currently, Startup´s have become object of desire, but almost nobody can help really to conclude the process you need with full warranties.

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