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Is The Value Being Lost

New alternatives to retrieve the value

Strategic Alliances

In a real Company

The strength and viability of an institution can be also measured by the quality of their suppliers and partners, and to a greater extent by the alliances that have been able to establish. Survival in the global market is founded with more notoriety in partnerships in all areas of the company, find what is the best Alliance and who is behind, that is our misión.

Competitive alliances or strategic alliances and even alliances of niche or temporary companies show more fruit to share risk, at the same time position in major projects. We can do by ourselves, through a well defined and governed Alliance will be achieved. The scarcity of good partnerships in medium-sized companies is one of the hidden factors that impede the growth and diversification of such companies.

Cross Border network

In a real Company

The limit of our operations and the scope of B2C relationships, find solution to the strategic alliances on the competitive edge and strategic thinking, connecting integrating points and solutions to faster growth. The business cannot stop by barriers where the company does not have resources to sort. We are looking for partners, negotiate the best, transfer technology, remove the transactional risk and achieve better integration.

Globalization does not bring the expected benefits, we still we delay subject to international competition, our rate of burning stages is too high and it becomes critical. We waited too long to take action and transform the risk in new lines of business. When resources are not sufficient and are never in the medium term, it may be too late. The EU thousands of business with years of activity, fail and undertake insolvency proceedings, the absence of a support renewal prior to the non-return.