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It is very rare that the maximum managers carry out this type of work and, if they do, is because they have sufficient knowledge to deal with it effectively. We offer a free analysis as long as the collaboration is not interrupted and accepts Mentor Impulsa’s solutions

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Entrepreneurs and managers can always “buy” the professional skills necessary for effectively elaborate diagnostic program. Our offer provides precisely this free analysis, whenever continue collaborating with our Mentor Impulsa brand.

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Companies large and small are established and managed with the intention that continue working and operating

Dimension of future

In the management of
a company must be considered always the dimension of future which is a own characteristic


diagnosis must be able to
answer two key questions: what we are? what we have? And what can we do?


Entrepreneurs and managers establish with clarity the overall objectives of the organization for effective management


Set objectives, the strategic phase shoot the company operational options
towards success


They are necessary mechanisms evaluating progress in the implementation of
the general strategy

Corrective measures

If we are deviated from the goal: we modified the strategy or change the objective.  A dynamic, continuous cycle

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The methodology of Mentor Impulsa drives not negatively impacts on the culture of your company. On the contrary, our method combined with your routines provides the best sum of forces and skills to achieve the objectives.

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From Mentor Impulsa we are aware that small businesses need more customers and improve relationships with other companies. Each company’s ecosystem is a critical point.

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Associated consultants and managers must take the initiative and take the steps that are necessary to achieve high levels of productivity and efficiency in the management of the resources available to, at the same time, achieve high levels of competitiveness.

This objective needs to be concrete a conscious and sustained effort that has defined clear and specific purposes and which implant during an extended period of time.

Competitiveness is based on an appropriate, coherent, continuous
and systematic effort of medium
and long-term company planning.

Mentor Impulsa is a team with many years of professional experience, enough to create its own methodology, tailored to the needs of SME.

We are aware, from Mentor Impulsa,
of the value proposition of your company. Advantages of the business system (external) or the operating system (internal).

We always insist that the company is an integral whole, with their parts properly interlinked to achieve better coordination.

Our situation analysis breaks barriers so that your company strengthen existing competitive advantages and develop new advantages that lead them to a greater market share.

Entrepreneurs and managers of SME need to remember that the development of competitive advantages begins by the primary activities, without forgetting, secondary activities to achieve competitive advantages.

The strategic analysis offering to Mentor Impulsa drives has a direct impact on the value chain of your business.

Common sense demands resolution. Do not hesitate and decide the collaboration with our team.

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