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In the face of radical changes
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We believe in a solid plan for
 the tactic to grow

Marketing is the main activity to determine the company’s strategic objective. Do not wait and we do it thanks to a multifunctional team

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Research at the heart of the constructive process of a strategic marketing plan

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The brand is a marketing asset that all SME must reinforce. internal and external benefits

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The organizational culture is a critical strategic point that allows the determined orientation to the market and the growth

Our Story

Social marketing is one of the direct applications of our activity.
Mentor Impulsa is an organization with awareness of the social and human challenges with which marketing takes on an importance that infects the whole company and social projects that we undertake.

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Fresh ideas

Develop competitive advantages, new business models and expand the portfolio of products and services. We focus on solutions to achieve organic growth.


Great Opportunity

Tactical action needs a strategic formulation to achieve success. We Trust the Porter Model. Today, the behavior of new customers, technological disruption and globalization is a challenge. It is a great opportunity to collaborate with Mentor Impulsa urges for the strategic marketing plan.

We are prepared if your company covers

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And we extend it to a cell. The importance of your company’s business model and the life cycle of your products or services are the guarantee of organic growth always accompanied by an innovative perspective.

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The collaboration between your company and Mentor Impulsa professional effort and knowledge that will lead us to success. 

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