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Dealing with high-performance data analysis dynamics
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The best question is, if the key is to create large data repositories or create data repositories for monetized analysis

Design and start-up of Analytical segments

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Creating the DIGITAL IC culture

Identify wells of wisdom

The best strategy of analyzing the data of a company is found in wells of knowledge not exploited.

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Identification of the most profitable data

Data to value information

When we talk to leaders about what they mean by digital, some see it as the updated term for what it does its function of it. Others focus on digital marketing or sales. But very few have a broad and holistic view of what really means the performance of an advanced analytic.

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Decisions under uncertainty

Create multidimensional information for the decision

Meanwhile, metrics at the moment can be a mirage: a company that tracks and keeps its performance in constant its analytical effort seems to be on par, even when overall economic performance deteriorates.

Tactics to success

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Loyalty programs require creativity and innovation to stay relevant and synchronized with their customers. Post analysis strategies with the customer must be complemented with expert-designed multi-segment discovery analysis.

Success is to have an analytical oriented. The potential of predictive analysis has to be oriented to relevant data and mainly to hidden data, which often go unnoticed in analysis strategies by volume.




Identify the most profitable customers




Accelerate product and service innovation



Optimize the supply chain and prices




Boost financial performance keys



Create a differential competition




Value Chain Ideas-predictive


Frequently Asked Questions

Bad data don't win

The ability to capitalize on the potential data has to offer depends on a number of fundamentals along what we call: The information value chain, which includes a range of technical capabilities and solid business processes linked to the more conventional information that must be converted to high-tech technologies.

The CRM and the datawarehouse are not enough

The traditional information management has been overcome by the complexity and heterogeneity of data.
In the same way the traditional tools do not contribute to the commercial team the best models of action.
The relationship between the most optimal technology and the client is fundamental in the battle of making quick decisions.

Advanced analytical with IA

The data lead to the use of IA processes for advanced solutions and transformation of the company,
That properly applied, creates tangible benefits and strong investment returns. The cases
that are based on the capacity of the IA, can generate greater flexibility of response to the demand.

Design winning proposals

With a solid operating model deployed, organizations can start the process of converting data to value
Creating a contribution of insights that lead to rapid action of decisions towards customers with less uncertainty
and interpretative bias.

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