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If you are a professional in active, retired or in process of search, with residence in any part of Europe, EU, America and Africa, always with experience and problem-solving ability, and you want to supplement your income, expand your base of knowledge or simply diversify your business, keep reading because here or beyond these lines, we will find a way to cooperate, mutually beneficial, private and sustainable.

Here you will find one or more opportunities to collaborate, integrate or joint collaboration. We want people by their experience, knowledge, problem-solving capacity, targets reliable, expectations and concerns, start a career or a reload and change roadmap, give the maximum according to each profile, and much, much more.

Take a look at these profiles or think of your own and let alone.


A- Professionals in search of new challenges

Key professionals of high potential and experience, who want to supplement or professional activities right at your measurement, and personal needs. Capable of generating high-value and solid prospects for MI and your own life-cycle with us. If desired, it would be a relevant person in the future of our operations and strategy.

B- Professionals who wish to change of address

 For all those professionals who bring a portfolio of opportunities under the arm and want to move home, MI is the answer to all the needs of location and launch of a new professional path.

C- Professionals with ability to branch their activity without personal risk

We are sure that you are a person who seeks to monetize its best asset, your knowledge and your time. If you want to diversify and expand economic security, we have mechanisms to collaborate and achieve our goals. Whether you collaborate for a limited time, provided an opportunity, participate and lead adhoc projects, as in more activities, but keeping your primary work, make it easy and very productive.

D-Professionals who connect talent

For you, that you are one of those people that detect innovations or people of high potential, with or without defined projects, we offer you an ecosystem of work and development of your operations. For you, that you have a network of contacts and reasons opportunities that they may not pass, we have collaboration solutions to fit any need. In MI find the elements for success.

E- Professionals who provide market and commercial opportunities

No doubt, one of the most sought after professional profiles and not always valued. Professionals who can and want to diversify its activity, without putting at risk its labour policy and personal sustainability criteria. Professionals in any part of Spain, Portugal and throughout the Euro area. To establish its network of contacts, new synergies and if possible new professional management options.

It is capital, more today if possible, take the maximum of our capacity, we invite you with force, to join opportunities which are a change, because they have a very important growth potential. Note the opportunity cost and later.

F- Professionals and companies who wish to collaborate internationally.

The extreme environment of competition, cut our efficiency and ability to be necessary to a company with monthly losses of the valuation of our value. Our personal and business brand can not only depend on a source, be creative and reconfigure our profession to equip itself with new active professionals.

If you are a company and want to expand your portfolio, you collaborate with us, because we are creating a cluster of productive economy. If you bring solutions, want to expand our solutions combined, as position yourself in new markets. Invest in MI? Do you invest in your company?

G-Professionals seeking support for its innovation

Inventors, innovators, creative, bench ideas, experts with a solution, all can be found in MI, the substrate and ecosystem for your project.

If you want to throw this innovation in real clients together with MI, to solve simple and complex cases, you have a place to have fun and work to the limit.

We are a large team and the support is guaranteed.


WHAT IS YOUR CURRENT VISION? assesses and responds.

Is it useful to go for hours/custom solution?       Yes|No

Do you find it better to be a freelancer?              Yes|No

Have you ever seen the opportunities that you could take advantage of?             Yes|No

Are acting as analyst and part-time intermediary?            Yes|No

Already do not want to wait any longer and to collaborate in sectoral project ADHOC?   Yes|No

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1- Confidentiality

Confidentiality triple layer [A – MI |] AA-Industrial/Services | AAA-innovation]

Confidentiality of the contributor [active | passive]

2- Ownership of the asset

Ensure transparency and reality of the operations and assets that will provide.

Sized for the contributed asset working agreement.

Knowledge and innovative contributions will have legal cover.

3– Forms of collaboration

Indefinite contract [by objectives, scope and results]

Temporary contract [collaborations and projects of calculated time]

Contracts CAST [of pre-determined terms and duration]

Contract for work and service

Custom arrangements.

4- Regulation of professional and ethical

Any collaboration will be legally regulated by the documents that may be relevant.

It shall be punished by gravity types, defaults and cancellations in an active project.

Is considered very serious offence the concealment of relevant information, information theft, filtering of information, the influence on the client by own goals, etc.

All partners are assigned a code of ethics & transparency professional.

5-Payment system

Base: agreed remuneration, with strong tilt to results and personal commitment.

Complement: Participation and/or direct contribution to our corporate products of personal Pension Plan, investment and Leasing guarantee.

Complement: contribution to your market funds.

Complement: Reduce your personal assets leveraged debt.

Add: Criptomonedas, rapid investments in high-risk peer.

A unique professional opportunity